Try this with your iPhone, iPad or even your Mac’s dictation:

  1. Using speech to text, say “Josiah.”
  2. See what is spelled.

Chances are it will render it as

JOE Seiyu.”

It may spell “Just Seiyu” instead. But rarely will your Apple device spell one of the most common first names – Josiah.

This is a common phenomenon. And given that “Josiah” is a very common name and, respectfully, “Seiyu” is not common anywhere (certainly not in North America), it’s a common frustration.

In fact, apparently there is no one in the US named “Joe Seiyu.”

This is a friendly appeal to Apple to take note of this little dictation difficulty your tech has with with this popular name.


Joe Seiyu or Just Seiyu Apple Messages iOS Dictatation

“‘Joe Seiyu…’ That name… you keep using it…”


Josiah is spelled "Joe Seiyu" and auto-correct/replace option suggests "Just Seiyu" instead of "Josiah" in Apple iOS Speech-to-Text

“I said, ‘Josiah’!”